Maeve of Winter (whimsicalnixie) wrote,
Maeve of Winter

Gay Representation in "Riverdale" S1 Ep3 (Kevin Keller Update)

 Spoilers below!

The Bad

- Gossips with Veronica about her date with Chuck

- Lusts after a straight guy (Chuck) the show would never put him with.

- Does not become involved in Betty's newspaper despite being interested in journalism in the comics.

- Compliments Cheryl's "amazing thigh-high boots" (because all gay men adore fashion, amirite?).

Does Kevin do anything unrelated to him being gay or Betty's gay best friend?

- He mentions binging The Making of a Murderer on Netflix, but does not actively do anything.
Tags: character: kevin keller, content: canon discussion, content: meta, fandom: archie comics, fandom: riverdale
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