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Dear FamilyEx Writer

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Dear FamilyEx Writer,

Wishing you well!  I'm very excited to participate in this new exchange!

General Likes

-Strong/determined/competent characters

-Characters being badass

-Characters surprising other people with their talents/competence

-Iron woobie/determinator who refuses to quit no matter what kind of horrible stuff life throws at them

-Characters turning the tables on someone who's trying to trick them

-Characters fighting for and earning their happy ending,



-Pushing forward through/after a trauma

-Characters being put through secret tests of trust and passing them

-Characters making enormous personal sacrifices to save others

-Characters being recognized for their accomplishments

-Characters revealing hidden pasts/traits/skills,

-Characters offering compassion/reassurance to those who need it


-Size kink (of massive cock type)

-First times/loss of virginity

-Reassuring and gentle dominant partner

-Bottom partner being shy/reluctant

-Daddy kink

-Nipple play





-Bi erasure**

-Issue fic



-Irreparable harm to characters with no chance/hope of recovery

*I know homophobia/biphobia would/does exist in some of these canons, but I would vastly prefer if you just took the route where homophobia/biphobia is completely a non-issue and is just as readily accepted as heterosexual relationships.

**To expand on my thoughts about bi erasure, I would prefer that if you are writing a same-sex pairing where one or both of the characters was presented with heterosexual inclinations in canon (ie, interest in the opposite sex, opposite sex love interest, etc.) that they be presented in the fic as bisexual rather than gay.

The Trixie Belden Mysteries (Books)


Just for reference, I see Dan being fifteen in canon (his age was never truly given) and Jim being seventeen (his age was inconsistent). I also picture Dan’s loss of his parents to be within less than a year of himself coming to Sleepyside, rather than when he was younger.

Fandom specific DNWs

Emphasis on Dan’s criminal past***, Jim/Trixie, Mart/Diana, Brian/Honey.

***One thing I ask you not to include is a heavy emphasis on Dan’s history as a gang member. I just feel like it’s done before, and I’d prefer a story that focuses on Dan healing, not one that ruminates on all the wrongs he’s done.

Dan Mangan & Bill Regan

I would just love to see some Dan hurt/comfort. I know it might seem ridiculous, but any of the typical hurt/comfort tropes are fine with me. Maybe Dan gets beat up pretty badly as a result of Trixie’s detective work, or worse, sexually assaulted, and Regan has to comfort him. Or I’d love to see a fic with Regan bringing Dan out of his shell and just letting him know he’s safe around him. Or maybe Luke from Black Jacket Mystery was really Dan’s abusive boyfriend and Regan finds out? Perhaps Dan develops an eating disorder because of all the intense stress he’s been through, and Regan tries to help him through it?

I’d also like to see a fic about Regan trying to bond with Dan, perhaps when he’s teaching him how to ride horses in Black Jacket?

G.I. Joe Cartoon


So, I know Duke basically died in the movie, but I’d really prefer to ignore that. Actually, if you like, feel free to ignore the movie entirely.

I know it’s canon that Falcon often screws up and goofs off, but I’d really prefer any fic about him to portray him as a talented agent and someone who takes his job seriously and does it well.

I’m a hurt/comfort junkie, so feel free to use any hurt/comfort tropes you like for Falcon, as long as he’s able to recover from his injuries.

Fandom specific DNWs

Duke’s death, Falcon currently using drugs

Duke & Falcon

If you’d like to go in a humor/crack direction, I really love the idea of Duke being an overprotective older brother, sort of like Thor and Loki in this MCU fic, and Falcon tolerating it but also sometimes becoming exasperated with Duke’s antics.

Similarly, maybe you would like to a fic about five times one of the Joes found Falcon hot but was too intimidated by Duke to make a move, and the one time a Joe got the nerve to ask Falcon out? I really like the idea of endgame Beach Head/Falcon or Dusty/Falcon, but feel free to use another one of the Joes as the guy Falcon ends up dating.

If you want to do a type of origin story for Falcon in lieu of the movie events, I think it would be cool if Falcon joined the Joes to prove himself to Duke, but to prevent Duke from interfering, completed his initial training to be accepted into the Joes with Sergeant Slaughter and the Renegades rather than with Beach Head. What’s Duke’s reaction when his little brother unexpectedly shows up as a Joe?

I’m also down for any type of hurt/comfort between Duke and Falcon (as long as Falcon is able to recover from his injuries), with Falcon being hurt and Duke giving comfort.

I really like the idea of Falcon being Duke’s unofficial and silent support assistant within the Joes, who goes the extra mile to ensure things run smoothly. I would love a fic where a visiting general comes along and the Joes need his approval to secure new funds or to continue operating, and the guy propositions Falcon, who agrees as long as the Joes get what they need in return. Duke then finds out and freaks out about it. Falcon feels guilty and ashamed, but he is also convinced he did the right thing to help the Joes.

If you’d like to use an angsty backstory for Falcon, I thought of this plot where he gets into drugs at 17/18 years old and becomes involved with the Headman, and, unbeknownst to his family, prostitutes himself for drugs or drug money. The Headman can either be his pimp, or just the abusive boyfriend he’s only staying with to score drugs. Sergeant Slaughter finds Falcon, helps him straighten out, and then brings him into the Renegades. Years later, these events revealed to Duke, who had no knowledge of the situation. I think it would be interesting for Duke to discover all of this and react to a scenario he was unaware of where his little brother was regularly endangered, but it’s been solved for years, so there’s nothing he can do. How do he and Falcon work through that?

I’d also be really eager for a fic with Falcon showing off his skills and proving his competence and gaining admiration from the other Joes, while Duke is forced to realize his baby brother isn’t a kid anymore.

Archie Comics (Comics)

Fandom specific DNWs

Any type of plot involving homophobia where Kevin is concerned, character elements exclusive to the 2015 Archie Comics reboot

Kevin Keller & Colonel Tom Keller

I’m fine with anything that spotlights the strong father-son bond between these two and emphasizes how proud Tom is of Kevin, but I also like a dash of hurt/comfort. Maybe Tom sees how Kevin’s running himself ragged with his various school activities (student government, school newspaper, track team, etc.) and insists that Kevin take a day off so he can relax?

I love protective!Tom in regards to Kevin, so if you like, feel free to do a fic where Kevin is hurt or in danger or lost in the wilderness, and Tom is worried about him from elsewhere, or he’s there taking care of Kevin.

An idea I had is a fic where Tom doesn’t approve of Kevin’s boyfriend (either for a silly reason, like they support rival football teams, or a legitimate reason, like honestly believing the guy is a bad influence on Kevin), and Kevin has to help his boyfriend win his dad’s approval. Or you could do a five times plus one fic where Tom didn’t approve of the boy Kevin brought home, and the one time he did. Or maybe Kevin invites the unapproved boyfriend along for a family vacation, forcing Tom to put up with him, only for the boyfriend to prove he’s really a good guy? (He sees the guy helping out with Kevin’s younger sisters, comforting Kevin when he needs it most, etc.)

Endgame pairings I enjoy are Reggie/Kevin or Jughead/Kevin, but feel free to use another guy if you’d like.

If you want to go for awkwardness/humor, maybe five times Tom walked in on Kevin with his boyfriend gettin’ busy, and the one time he walked in on them being innocent? Bottom!Kevin if there’s any sex, please.

If you want to go for angsty, what is Tom thinking when he gets news of Kevin being wounded and paralyzed as a result of combat in Iraq?

But if you want to go for sweet, maybe you could do a fic about what Tom is thinking when Kevin marries Clay in Life With Archie?

Riverdale (TV)


So, the show has yet to give Sheriff Keller a first name, and I tend to refer to him by “Tom,” which is his name in the comics. But if the show reveals his name in the meantime, or if you have a name for him you’re very attached to, please feel free to use that instead.

Fandom specific DNWs

Any type of plot involving homophobia where Kevin is concerned, character elements exclusive to the 2015 Archie Comics reboot

Kevin Keller & Sheriff Keller

I am down with anything hurt/comfort for Kevin, and I would love to see anything with the Sheriff being protective of him.

Maybe Kevin goes missing, and the Sheriff has to find him, all the while worrying that it’s the same person who kidnapped and killed Jason Blossom? Or Kevin gets lost in the wilderness, and Sheriff Keller has to go find him? Or you could do a snowbound version, with Kevin being lost in a blizzard, and the Sheriff desperately wanting to go looking for him, but unable to do so due to the storm? Or maybe they’re both lost in the blizzard, and they find shelter but Kevin’s hurt, and so the Sheriff has to take care of him and keep him warm?

Alternatively, a sheriff is an elected official, so maybe someone blackmails Kevin into having sex with him so the Sheriff can keep his job, threatening to spill dirt on the Sheriff or refuse campaign funds unless Kevin agrees?

For something lighter, perhaps Kevin is running himself into the ground with all of his extracurricular activities, so Sheriff Keller insists Kevin take a day off so he can take care of Kevin? Or maybe just a fic of him worrying that Kevin is wearing himself out, so he’s always trying to make sure Kevin is eating and sleeping enough?

Alternatively, sick fic with the Sheriff taking care of Kevin?

If you want to do humor/awkward fic, maybe Betty and Jughead have Kevin go undercover as a hooker/stripper to dig up leads for one their investigations, but the Sheriff is on an undercover job of his own, and they run into each other? Perhaps the Sheriff fends off several amorous johns/potential clients of Kevin’s along the way?

Kevin Keller/Sheriff

Feel free to go smutty with this pairing. I would love to see a fic where the Sheriff takes Kevin’s virginity, and Kevin is shy and reluctant, but the Sheriff gently but firmly doms him through it.

Or maybe the Sheriff spots some of the other guys getting really handsy with Kevin, and then later that night really possessively sexes up Kevin again and again until Kevin is absolutely exhausted and overstimulated to make sure Kevin knows who he belongs to?

But if you would like to do something fluffy, I would love a fic with the Sheriff taking care of Kevin after a particularly intense night of sex, or Kevin going throughout subdrop and the Sheriff comforting or reassuring him.

I’d also be fine with the Sheriff spoiling Kevin with expensive gifts because he wants his baby boy to have the best, and Kevin being genuinely unassuming and flattered and grateful for the gifts.

Fantastic Four (Comicverse)

Johnny Storm/Ben Grimm

I’d love a fic where Johnny proves he how much he loves Ben and that’s he not shallow. Maybe Ben worries about hurting Johnny with his size/strength, and Johnny reassures him? Maybe Ben is worried about hurting Johnny during sex, and Johnny demonstrates just how much he wants Ben? Maybe after they announce their relationship, some rude journalist is needling Johnny during an interview about dating someone as “below his level” as Ben, but Johnny absolutely shuts them down?

Alternatively, Ben and Johnny raising children together and just doing married couple things? Or Johnny gets pregnant and is pretty relaxed about the whole thing, but Ben is super protective?

Also, if you want to give Sue or Reed’s perspective on the relationship, go ahead. I imagine both would be pretty relieved that Ben found happiness with someone and that Johnny is with someone responsible and dependable.

Feel free to write smut for this pairing, but by no means do you have to.

X-Men: Evolution (Cartoon)

Fandom specific DNWs


Rogue & Logan

I love these two. Rogue in particular is my favorite Marvel character of all time. I adore all the attention and development she received in this show, and I also love the father-daughter relationship she had with Logan. I really enjoyed that while Rogue was a hero, there was always a certain edge to her, a darkness and defensiveness that marked her as distinct among the X-Men. She always felt like she was in conflict with herself, and I think this characterized a lot of her interactions with other characters, especially Jean. And yet, when Jean needed her help in “Power Surge,” Rogue didn’t hesitate to pitch in.

What I’d really love is a fic that demonstrates how badass she is, while also highlighting her somewhat anti-heroic, prickly nature. Maybe Logan and some of the X-Men are stuck in a hopeless situation and Rogue comes to bail them out and saves the day? Maybe a 5 times plus 1 fic of all the times Logan was proud of her, and the one time he let it known? Maybe she’s helping him train the latest batch of recruits?

Alternatively, feel free to go in a hurt/comfort route with Logan comforting Rogue, or go in a happy/victorious direction of Rogue finally gaining control over her powers.

Or maybe a fic where Rogue turns sixteen, and Logan buys her a motorcycle, much to the other teachers’ disapproval?

DCU (Comics)


If you’d like to read about the history Gar’s character, or that of the various Terras, I found a very long and detailed analysis here.

Gar Logan is definitely my favorite DC character of all time. One recurring theme in later comics books and adaptations that continually frustrates me is when Gar is shown as incompetent, completely lame, or a total joke to make other heroes look more cool. I’d really like to have a fic where Gar’s leadership and/or strategy abilities are emphasized, as well as his kindness and generosity.

If you want to write Gar as being able to shift into a regular person/regular animals, please feel free.

I loved his characterization in Wolfman and Perez’s New Teen Titans: he runs his father’s company in his absence, he’s still traumatized from losing the Doom Patrol, he falls for Terra only to be betrayed by her, and then his pain from losing her is resurrected when Terra II comes along. I like that as friendly as he seems, he still has a dark side, as seen when he kills Madame Rouge and attempts to kill Slade Wilson. I also liked that Slade was sort of Gar’s mentor for a while.

Fandom specific DNWs

Gar/Raven, Damian Wayne

Gar Logan & Steve Dayton

I’d really like to see a fic where Gar is sixteen and involved with the New Teen Titans, much to Steve’s disapproval. He’s still grieving for Rita and the Doom Patrol at this point, so maybe he feels betrayed that Gar’s managed to move past his grief and continue a life of being a hero?

Maybe a fic focusing on Steve trying to move past his grief to be a better father to Gar? I imagine Questor would be giving him a lot of encouragement.

Maybe fives times when Steve wasn’t able to put aside his own problems when Gar needed him, and the one time he did?

Alternatively, the New Teen Titans are in trouble, with no hope of rescue, but Steve shows up to bail them out.

Maybe Steve comforting Gar after Terra betrays the team?

Perhaps Gar admits to Steve about murdering Madame Rouge, and Steve reacts? Would he be horrified that Gar’s a murderer, or proud of him for taking vengeance?

I’d also like to see a fic where Steve has his act together and is just really proud of Gar for being a hero/helping run Dayton Industries.

I really like Gar/Dick Grayson (Nightwing) and Gar/Vic Stone (Cyborg). If you want to do a fic with Gar marrying/starting a family with one of them, and Steve being a proud dad or grandad, please go ahead.

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