Maeve of Winter (whimsicalnixie) wrote,
Maeve of Winter

Gay Representation in "Riverdale" S1 Ep2

 Spoilers below!

The Positive

- Kevin tried to be a supportive friend to Betty when he thought Veronica was trying to hurt her.

- Kevin refused to go further with Moose until Moose resolved some of his issues.

The Negative

- Kevin lusted after a straight dude (Archie) the show would never actually pair him with.

- Kevin gushed over a bouquet of roses Veronica sent to Betty in that over the top way no one really does outside of romcoms.

- It is retroactively revealed that Kevin was going to help Moose cheat on Midge's steady girlfriend, Midge, and would have done so had he and Moose not stumbled over Jason's corpse. 

Does Kevin do anything unrelated to him being gay or Betty's gay best friend?

Tags: character: kevin keller, content: canon discussion, content: meta, fandom: archie comics, fandom: riverdale
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