Maeve of Winter (whimsicalnixie) wrote,
Maeve of Winter

Thoughts and Observations on Riverdale S1 Ep 4

Spoilers below!

Comic references:

- Betty mentions fixing cars with her dad. In the comics, Betty was an avid mechanic.

- Tomoko Yoshida, one of the music students fake!Miss Grundy mentions, was one of Betty's friends in the comics.

- Jughead mentions Jellybean, his younger sister from the comics, and we briefly see a picture of her.

General notes:

- Cheryl always seems to be wearing black and red and often wears a little brooch of dual cherries.

- I am not a parent, but if I were, I can't think of any material I'd want to read less than my teenager's diary.


- Betty really got to shine in this episode and show a lot of fire. She was hunting down perps, writing articles for the paper, breaking into cars, and standing up to her mom. I hope this trend continues!

- Kevin and his dad have a really sweet moment together. I'm so glad they didn't make Sheriff Keller homophobic. 

- Archie's dad is very supportive and comforting to his son when he needs him.


- I'm not impressed with how Kevin was completely against the Serpents, but then was completely for them the moment he hooked up with one of their members. I would've liked it better if Kevin realized he was a gang member and walked away. This marks the second time they've portrayed Kevin as an immoral gay guy who doesn't care who he's banging as long as he gets laid. (The first time was when he tried to help Moose cheat on Midge with him, and only the discovery of Jason's corpse stopped them.) What would be wrong with giving Kevin some standards about who he bangs? Ugh. The only other characters who are portrayed as sexually active are Archie, who's being manipulated by a predator, and Chuck Clayton, a predatory villain whose exploits are depicted as evidence for his lack of decency. Making the lone gay character the only good guy who's going through a series of hookups with people he barely knows seems incredibly stereotypical and borderline offensive.
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