Maeve of Winter (whimsicalnixie) wrote,
Maeve of Winter

Sleepyside Alter Egos (Trixie Belden Fic Index and Links)

"Sleepyside Alter Egos" is my only established Trixie Belden fanfic universe. All stories in this universe are part of the some continuity; unmentioned stories have no connection/continuity unless otherwise noted.

Stories of the Sleepyside Alter Egos universe:

- Not Your Typical Romeo

- Midnight Poison

- A Woman Walks into a Bar

Series of the Sleepyside Alter Egos Universe:

Forgotten Paths:
- Winter’s Solitude
- Nothing in the Dark
- A Hundred Lies to Unravel
- At an Arm’s Length
- Summertime Blues
- So Maybe I’m a Masochist
- From Midnight to Morning Bells
- Dan the Teenage Warlock
- The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Songs About Jane
- Calamity Jane
- Paint Them a Picture, Jane
- Queen Jane Approximately
- The Diary of Jane

Caustic Ticking of the Clock
- Den lille havfrue
- The Ice-Maiden
- The Shadow
- The Red Shoes
- The Steadfast Tin Soldier

More Money, More Problems
- Slave to Fashion
- Those Who Favor Fire
- Two Roads Diverged
Tags: fandom: trixie belden, index
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